You are an inventor or small company that holds valuable assets in your patent portfolio.  You worked hard to come up with unique ideas that improve existing technology or open doors to new products.  Maybe your patent is being used without your knowledge, or maybe you are aware of its unauthorized use but have no means of preventing it.

Intellectual property includes inventions, designs, original works of authorship and trade secrets, and consists of items that you have created that are unique and that can provide you with an economic benefit.   Intellectual property protection is a complex duty that is crucial to the success of your business.    Researching, analyzing and determining who has taken your idea and is using it is challenging; prosecuting the offenders is hard, and can be expensive.

It's true that it is usually worth the money to engage the services of an experienced intellectual property attorney.  But how do you know what is fair?  When choosing an attorney, remember that you are seeking a qualified, trained professional who will get to know you, your business, and your intellectual property. 

Tiburon IP attorneys have experience with prosecuting and protecting design and utility patents.  Our expertise includes mechanical and electrical devices, software, alternative energy, medical devices, automotive concepts and others. 

What distinguishes us from other firms is that we offer the substantial experience that we have gained from working at internationally recognized litigation firms to our clients in a creative, efficient and value-driven format.  In addition to professional legal experience, the attorneys at Tiburon Intellectual Property have strong technical/engineering backgrounds.

We specialize in managing, protecting and monetizing intellectual property and because we have litigation experience we are also able to successfully  craft comprehensive, strong, and understandable patents for our clients.  We understand the importance of timely filing and our practice includes the submission of accelerated applications, particularly when we have identified infringing parties.


Tiburon has the technical and legal depth to support your company's intellectual property - regardless of the extent you need.  

  • patent litigation,

  • patent licensing,

  • patent procurement and prosecution,

  • company portfolio development and counseling,

  • acquisition due diligence, opinions, and portfolio assessment.

As a company or individual, you need experienced patent professionals who can handle any challenge you face.  Our firm is unique that our professionals span all facets of intellectual property practice to give you comprehensive advice in a value-conscious format.

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